John Mant Scholarship Programme

Common Equity ‘People Power’ has been a strong theme for the start of 2015. The Board has initiated a new programme, called the John Mant Scholarship Programme.  Named after the long time Board member, lawyer, town planner and author of the Mant Report- Commission of Inquiry into the Housing Department.

The aim of the scholarship is to assist our co-operative members and tenants to engage in further education through the provision of incentives. CENSW offered 5 scholarships to both new and continuing students in their educational pursuits.

Congratulations to :

1. Paul Bowman, from Care-n-Co in Minto.

2. Rabo Rabo, from Merrylands, a directly managed site. Rabo is a member of the Karen Community.

3. Melisa Kanisek, a single parent from Janneli, a directly managed site.

4. Sean Tierney, from Ningana, a housing collective in the inner city.

5. Yel Win, a newly arrived refugee, living at Merrylands, a directly managed site.

For them the goal is to gain paid employment and thereby to increase opportunities and wellbeing in their lives. The recipients come from diverse cultural backgrounds, and are studying a variety of different subjects but they all have one thing in common. It is their belief that expanded options in life, for example through education and being engaged in a paid career are paramount to increase quality of everyday experiences. It fosters social and economic participation in civil society.

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