Co-operative Profiles

There are a variety of co-operatives and directly managed (DM) community sites that operate under the Common Equity NSW (CENSW) umbrella.

We manage 31 co-operatives that house a range of diverse communities, among others: young women, Tamil Seniors, women only coops, a variety of cultural family coops, artists, single household coops, shared accommodation coops, as well as 107 community properties (DM's). Out of those we are currently working with one DM community site to become an incorporated multicultural seniors housing co-operative, and with another community site to merge with an already established co-operative.

The nature of the co-operative model means that we have a strong volunteer force that contributes to the successful operation of Co-operative housing in NSW.

If you would like more information on our co-operatives and other properties please contact OR phone 02 9356 9200