New Co-ops Enquiry

How can CENSW help you develop your housing co-operative?

  1. Informally meet with prospective key members to discuss Co-operative Housing.
  2. Brief your group on Co-operative Housing, requirements, opportunities and responsibilities.
  3. Link your group with an existing Co-operative for mentoring and support.
  4. Facilitate regular updates and information about what is happening in NSW Housing Co-operative sector.
  5. Develop a profile of your group to assist in gaining support; ensure that your members are eligible and their applications for housing can also be considered by existing Co-operatives (sometimes the development of a new group is a long-term process).
  6. Provide training and advice once properties have been allocated.
  7. Assist in the preparation of application to the Registrar of Co-operatives for incorporation.

Please Note: Should you or any of your prospective members have urgent housing needs, we strongly advise that they pursue applications with the Department of Communities and Justice and other Community Housing Providers who may be able to assist. For the list of Community Housing Providers and information about Housing Pathways. Click here

For more information and details about forming your Co-operative please read the
New Groups Guide and Checklist (PDF).