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Your Donation Can Change a Life

Housing is a fundamental need of all human beings. For many low-income families and individuals in NSW, the achievement of secure, affordable housing is an overwhelming challenge. By 2016, the number of people on social housing waiting lists will have risen to 115,000. Common Equity assists people who are social housing eligible and seeking housing.

Housing is the platform on which people base all the other parts of their lives.

Imagine what your life would be like if you couldn’t guarantee a roof over your head.

Without stable and affordable housing, it is a daily challenge for people to ensure the safety and well-being of their children, maintain employment, undertake study for jobs, maintain cohesive family life and plan for anything.

Imagine the heartache for parents who cannot afford to provide even basic accommodation for their children.

We work with people from all backgrounds and needs who are on a low income and are seeking secure, affordable housing. Among them are children, older people, struggling single parent families, women escaping domestic violence and people with a disability. For many people, the absence of housing they can afford is often a slippery slope to homelessness. Providing a secure place to live ensures that families, young singles and older people don’t find themselves without anywhere to live.

We want them to have the chance to live in secure, low-cost accommodation.

We want to build at least another twenty-five properties in the next 8 years. This will cost us  $7million.

Occasionally we may be able to achieve a contributing grant from government but funds of this nature are not assured. Generally, new dwellings are funded from our own reserves and borrowings.

Small amounts of money can make a tremendous difference. Relatively low amounts of capital give us the capacity to generate borrowings to meet the gap.

That’s why every dollar counts.

Please help us get more people like Mary and Lee into secure, affordable housing.

100% of your donation goes to securing housing for those on our waiting list.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated and provides a long-lasting ‘bricks and mortar ‘ contribution to the welfare of struggling Australians who need a hand.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and you can donate securely on line.

Thank you

* names of clients have been changed and circumstances blended to protect privacy.

Case Studies

Lee* is a single parent after the death of his wife. He has three young children and no other family in NSW. The security of the housing we offer is helping this family get through the tough times.

Mary* needed to escape from a terrible domestic violence situation. Market housing was beyond her means. Community housing offered an affordable solution that allowed her to start a safe and secure future.

Donation Options:

Please make Cheques or Money Orders out to ‘Common Equity NSW Ltd’, and forward to:

Common Equity NSW Ltd;
PO Box Q1323
Sydney NSW 1230

Ensure you give us your name and address so that a Tax Deductible Receipt can be provided.

** NOTE: Donations of $2 or more are Tax Deductible

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