About the Board

Member Directors are elected by our member co-operatives and bring to the Board their experience of co-operative living, community values, co-operative leadership and skill and experience in the management, development and capacity-building of co-operatives.

Technical Directors are appointed to bring specific technical skill and expertise to the Board in areas such as property development, financial management, law, planning, regulatory compliance and organisational leadership and development.

The Board also appoints Associate Directors when required to provide additional technical expertise and experience to Board committees. Associate Directors are not elected members of the Board but provide a complimentary and additional skill set to ensure that the organisation is adequately supported in the variety of endeavours and strategies it enacts.

Board members participate in regular professional development initiatives provided by Common Equity.

For Board member profiles view here.
The Board meets second monthly and convenes three committees, all of which meet on alternate months to the Board.
  • Compliance, Audit and Risk Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Development and Growth Committee

The company holds an AGM each year in November to receive the Company report for the year ending June 30, consider any motions and elect and approve the membership of the Board. The Board of Common Equity NSW Ltd can be contacted by emailing us or writing to:

The Board of Directors
PO Box Q1323
Sydney NSW 1230