Housing Co-operatives

Housing Co-operatives are operated by tenant/members who have a common need for secure, appropriate, affordable housing and a commitment to co-operate. They are set up specifically to house people on low to moderate incomes, or to cater for groups with specific needs - eg. the aged, youth, single parents, low income, women, people from the Gay and Lesbian Communities, artists, the environmentally aware etc.
In the model, the housing is managed by the Co-operative, and members undertake significant responsibilities for carrying out the tasks associated with running a housing Co-operative, including:

  • financial administration
  • assessing and collecting rent
  • planning and arranging routine and responsive house maintenance
  • selecting new tenant members
  • maintaining administration and records

All members assist with these day to day tasks, and benefit through security of tenure, reduced costs, local control and self-management, besides opportunities to develop additional skills. It is an important condition of Co-operative membership, that tenants actively participate within their Co-operative.

All properties in the NSW Co-operative programme are either leased to or owned by Common Equity and the overall responsibility for the housing properties is a shared arrangement between Common Equity and the Co-operatives.

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Nelson Bay Housing Co-operative
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