Dunroamin Housing Co-operative
“The fact that the buildings were custom made is a real advantage for us. The wheelchair fits into every corner of my house, the doors are big enough to get through and so forth. That is not something that bureaucrats could have thought of, in their standardised thinking.”
A member tenant, Care-N-Co Co-operative
“The area across the road has changed too, once an old public housing estate, now in the midst of becoming a new mixed and modern housing model.”
A member tenant, Care-N-Co Co-operative
Care-N-Co Housing Co-operative.
Kapit Bahayan Housing Co-operative
“Co-operative Housing has been a wonderful experience for me. It provides affordable, secure housing, gives me an opportunity to have a say about how my housing is provided and includes me in a supportive, positive community”
A member tenant , North Coast Women's Housing Co-operative