To create a co-ordinated co-operative housing model of excellence that engenders cohesive, diverse and active communities and to be an eminent voice for housing co-operatives at local, state, national and international levels.


CENSW assists individuals and families to reduce poverty and to achieve a sustainable future through the provision of affordable rental housing and to be part of communities through Co-operative living.


  • The Seven Principles of Co-operation Adopt and promote the seven principles of Co-operation

  • RespectTo treat all Co-operative members, shareholders, staff, stakeholders, contractors and service providers with respect at all times

  • Inclusivity – Maintain and promote opportunities to involve all members in the management and decision-making process within CENSW and the Co-operative programs

  • IndependenceRespect and foster the independence of each Co-operative

  • AccountabilityMaintaining honest, transparent processes in all aspects of CENSW and program operations

  • DiversityRespect and work inclusively with the different cultures and perspectives within the Co-operative housing programs