The Co-operative Housing sector has been supported for the last 26 years by Common Equity NSW and our predecessor ARCH (Association for the Resourcing of Co-operative Housing).

  • 30th June 1989. ARCH, formerly a co-operative, was officially registered with the following primary activity:’to develop a non-profit rental housing co-operative sector as a new form of democratic social ownership of housing’.

  • Up to 2004. ARCH was established to act as a catalyst for the growth and development of a Co-operative Housing sector in NSW.  It provided training and assisted in the development of around 55 housing co-operatives. Today there are 33 housing co-operatives participating in the CENSW programme.

  • Between 2004 and 2009. A key function of ARCH was the consolidation of the Co-operative Housing sector, through support and advice, training and education, as well as planning with the sector, to ensure housing co-operatives were able to comply with government requirements and registration procedures.

  • 2008. ARCH negotiated with Government a viable and sustainable path for the future of the Co-operative Housing sector with Board and Associates.

  • 2009. Consultations with stakeholder organisations and co-operatives on the proposal for formation of Common Equity NSW, took place between April and throughout May and June.

  • December 2009. CENSW (Common Equity NSW) was incorporated.

  • 2011 and 2012.  Constructed and commissioned two new housing co-operatives in South West Sydney. Van Lang Co-operative and  Kapit Bahayan Co-operative- Canley Vale.

  • 2012. Sedgwick Housing Co-operative opened in Leumeah.

  • June 2015. Announced the development of new housing co-operative project in South West Sydney for Vietnamese Seniors.